Legal and Credit Consulting in Los Angeles and Beyond

Credit Consulting in Los Angeles

Do you find that when you fix one problem in your life, another arises? Does it seem like when you get your credit under control, all of a sudden, you have to shell out for a lawyer or something similar? At Credit Pros LA, we consider ourselves in the industry of empowering folks to be able to handle the challenges that life presents them. To that end, we offer more than just credit consulting in Los Angeles as well as plenty of other areas.

Credit Consulting in Los Angeles for All Over

That said, our credit consulting and repair services are very popular. Here, you’ll be able to build your credit and manage it how you would like, with programs such as “Ultra Score” and “Smart Credit.” Likely, you’re already paying your rent on time, so you deserve to reap credit rewards from that, too – hence the “Credit My Rent” program. Additionally, we don’t believe you should have to wait around for perfect credit to be able to enjoy it, so we offer a “SecureCard” that gives you a MasterCard that you can secure with a security deposit instead of a credit score.

Credit Consulting in Los Angeles

Legal Consulting, Too

In just about everyone’s life, at one time or another, they’re going to need an attorney. Paying for an attorney can be expensive, even if you only need something comparatively “small” done. Our clients spoke and we listened. So, we now offer discounts on the “Rocket Lawyer” program. With this, you can take care of the documentation you might need (such as wills, divorce settlements, non-disclosure agreements, business contracts, and the like). Each of these forms has been drawn up by experienced attorneys, making them “ironclad,” so to speak. Additionally, you’ll be able to talk to an actual attorney, too, to ask them all of the questions that you might have.

Telemedicine: Consult With a Doctor When You Want

While everyone may not need a lawyer throughout their life, at some point, they’re going to need a doctor. We know how challenging it can be to get the medical care that you would like. Hence, the “My Healthcare2Go” program. This provides telemedicine solutions to you and yours. Driving to a doctor or an urgent care can be challenging to fit into any schedule or life. So, with this, you’ll be able to talk to a doctor and let them know exactly what’s going on from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you happen to be.

Solutions for a Better Life

The above are just some of the ways that we can make a person’s life just a bit easier, a bit better. There are many, many other services that we provide. While we’re proud of the access we provide to My Healthcare2Go and Rocket Lawyer, we are primarily known as a company that helps folks with their credit. To that end, you can see everything we offer at our site. To learn more, you can call us at (888) 665-2371.

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