Our company is all about educating consumers. 

Since the beginning, our goal as a credit repair service in Los Angeles has been to help folks minimize and even get rid of financial uncertainty. Moreover, it’s not about just doing that today, but building a plan to be able to do it for tomorrow as well. That way, you can have the kind of peace of mind you’re looking for. All of that having been said, that’s more about what we do than who we are. Many of us here at Credit Pro are people who’ve used these programs. We know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. Paying rent month after month without building credit or a future. Struggling to find adequate healthcare, dealing with perhaps sub-optimal credit scores, and more. Now, we want to help folks with all of those issues, as well. By providing a better experience for people whose “shoes we’ve been in,” we can help them change their financial future for good. 


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