I didn’t believe Credit Pro at first. I’d fallen before for something online. But I needed help. Credit Pro was so so beyond my expectations. They have worked with me so much on making a real financial future for me and my family. I don’t know how we would have gotten through this year without them. I recommend Credit Pro to everyone who could use some help.

Credit never made sense to me. I pay my bills I pay my cards and then I’d get something that said my credit was bad lol. The Smart Credit Report explained everything. I had so many questions that all of the action buttons answered super fast. There were little things I was doing wrong this credit report showed me.

The dental and vision discounts for the My Healthcare2Go are real. My partner and I had just been wearing the same glasses because it made sense. Through this program, we got like 25% off of contact lenses that were our updated prescription, too. Signing up for this made my life so much better. It could do the same for you!

Get the SecureCard! I kept applying for credit cards but every time I did my credit score would be bad and that was that. I got approved immediately for this card and I could turn things around fast. It works everywhere and all the time. The money isn’t too much to pay either it’s very reasonable.

I had no idea just how effective Credit My Rent would be. I thought, “OK, this is one more thing I try online, whatever.” I couldn’t believe it when I got credit for all of this year and last for paying rent today. We’d been trying to build credit for a long time but it always involved us going into debt. No more! Highly recommend.

SmartCredit works. My credit was a mess. I didn’t know why. I paid my bills on time and when I could. The 120-Day Plan showed me what I was doing wrong and how I could really make it better without really messing up my credit or my life. Today, I’m out of debt and living good. This worked for me and it can work for you.

Thank you to everyone at Credit Pro for helping me with UltraScore! The customer service staff was on point with answering my question. I thought I knew how to build positive credit but they were so above and beyond. Now, I have everything I need to keep this credit score where it is and make it even better! Thank you!

I would like to thank Credit Pro for introducing my family to the My Healthcare2Go service. Due to many circumstances, we haven’t been able to talk to a doctor in some time. Being able to telemedicine with them from our living room is so huge. Our doctor was so nice, giving us real advice that helped us right away.

Don’t know where I’d be without the First Progress Platinum MasterCard. My credit score is not something I’m comfortable talking about. I filled out the online form in just a few minutes and I was good to go. This made it possible to pay for the stuff I really needed to get my business up and off the ground.

Credit My Rent has been an absolute game changer! With all the money we’ve poured into our rent over the years, we could’ve bought a really nice house. This program has helped us to completely turn our credit score around. Now, we’re finally able to plan for the day when we won’t be renters anymore!

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